Stabilisateur Power Best (Power Best Controller)

• Esmart 40A               • Esmart1 60A          • Installations hybrides   



1.MPPT charge mode,conversion efficiency up to 99%

2.12V/24V/48V system auto recognize;

3.Wide range of PV input with max. is DC150V.

4.Memory function,Save setting function: date,time,generating capacity record and so on .

5.Charge mode: 3 stages (fast charge,constant charge ,floating charge) .It prolongs service life of the batteries .

6.Discharge mode: ON/OFF mode, double time control mode,PV voltage control mode ,PV voltage+time delay mode and so on .

7.Selected battery types: sealed lead acid, vented, gel, NiCd battery. Other types of the batteries can also be defined.

8.Most information could be provide by LCD and LED like: model no.,PV input voltage,battery type,battery voltage,charging

current,charging power,working status and so on. 

9.RS232 and LAN communication port. IP and Gate address could be user define it satisfy global area.And communication protocol can be provided to manage all information.

10.The upper computer software is displayed in 11 languages, it could show work status and be set parameters of the discharge system.

11.With intelligent design,the device can be upgraded online lifelong.

12.Compliance with the 2002/95/EC environment protecting demand,doesn't include the Cadmium, hydride and fluoride etc material

13.Equipment integrity: controller + CD-ROM(microcomputer software) + communication wire + temperature sensing wire + Anderson terminals;

14.CE,ROHS certifications approved.

15.2 years warranty. The service life is designed to use for 10 years in theory. Extended 3~10 years warranty service also can be provided.


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