Flat plate integrated pressurized solar system


1.Production Summary

SOLARBEK SPHK is specially designed for the villa, vacation village, farm house…, it is perfectly harmony with the building and circumstance, mounted on the roof and wall, which is the ideal products for the solar energy-building integration.


2.Technology Core

SPH Flat plate integrated pressurized solar system


  • The first invention Heat Pipe-Flat Plate collector, anti-frozen, scale free and more safe.

  • New structure, no medium liquid needed, free maintenance

  • Overheating prevention, longer service lifetime pressurized tank

  • Slope/flat roof multifunction, more harmony of inclined roof installation

  • Water storage tank split with the solar collectors

  • Available both for the building integration and high cost/performance.

  • 24h/whole day high pressure hot water outlet

  • Innovation leader of popularized solar energy in future

Heat pipe structure, no medium liquid


The first invention Heat Pipe-Flat Plate panel, no water or medium liquid in the pipeline, to solve the low efficient heat exchanging by the medium liquid and complex maintenance, and conquer the frozen cracked by water and scale.


Unique overheating protection


The new structure can prevent the overheating in summer (overheating can damage the tank and shorten the lifetime), meanwhile, the relative low temperature can ensure the high sunlight absorbing efficiency.

Installation combine with the building integration


Conveniently mounted on the slope roof, no location limited. Any angel installation, free occupied, It is the really solar energy and building integrated which is the new development trend of solar energy in future.

Storage tank separate with the collectors


The tank and collectors can be separated complying with the customer requirement. By the natural or forced circulation to make the tank invisible.




3.professional production

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